The Surveillance Solos at the Santa Cruz Fringefest

The time has come! This evening marks the opening night of the Surveillance Solos at the Santa Cruz Fringe Festival. The show will run all weekend long, so come check us out and spread the word!

Thursday July 19 at 6:30pm
Friday July 20 at 7pm
Saturday July 21 at noon
Saturday July 21 at 9pm
Sunday July 22 at 3:30pm

Motion at the Mill
131 Front Street Suite E
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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In addition to performing at the SC Fringefest, I am also teaching a workshop.

A Re-Education of the Body:
the work of Barbara Mahler grounded in the principles of Klein Technique

Motion at the Mill
131 Front Street, Suite E
Santa Cruz 95060

Friday July 20, 11-1

A Re-Education of the Body is a way to explore one’s capacity to move, bringing insight into the workings of one’s body. It brings efficiency, increased facility, and creativity. The work done in class facilitates process, and from the openness to process comes an openness to the wealth of options we often overlook – in our work, in our lives, in ourselves.

In this class, we aim at releasing the muscles so we can get down to the deepest tissue, the bone. When the bones are aligned we become connected, we become powerful and strong. We align the bones by using the muscles most responsible for the transfer of forces through the body – the psoas, the hamstrings, the external rotators, and the pelvic floor. We do not work to “exercise” these muscle but rather to “wake them up”; to use them for support for and realignment of the bones. Movement, and the treatment of each individual student’s body, mind and spirit with kindness, respect and generosity is our ultimate goal. And finally and most importantly, the body does not exist alone but in connection to the ground, the space, and to others.

(taken from writings by Barbara Mahler and Susan Klein.)

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